Our Uranium business focuses on the front end of the nuclear fuel value chain with a particular focus on U3O8 or yellowcake. Curzon Resources’ dedicated uranium are, Curzon Uranium Trading Ltd., engages with small to medium size junior miners on long term off-takes with possible investment where appropriate. As well as strategic mining investments, Curzon Uranium is active in the uranium spot and mid-term market as a trader of the physical commodity. Over a very short time, since the set-up of its uranium business in early 2017, Curzon Uranium has become a well-known and respected name within the uranium industry.

Curzon Uranium currently holds a diversified portfolio of off-takes around the world to supply electrical utilities with nuclear fuel components on a long term basis, and is keen to expand this part of its business.


  • Uranium Concentrate (U3O8 or yellowcake)
  • Uranium Ore
  • Conversion
  • Hexafluoride (UF6)
  • Activities

Physical product trading and marketing

  • Emerging and established miner offtake pre-finance and structured principal
  • Structured finance trading
  • Investments
  • Market intelligence
  • Uranium Market consultancy